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Special Invitation from Icespike to Fellow RRCA Members

March 25, 2011

Winter may be drawing to a close for us here in the South, but before you know it, it’ll be back! Time to take advantage of end-of-season sales and your GUTS/RRCA membership.

IceSpike is currently running a great March Madness promotion at through March 31: Buy a deluxe set of Icespikes, get 32 additional Icespikes free ($16.99 value). No coupon is necesarry, just shop, check out, and if your order contains a Deluxe set of Icespikes, the additional spikes will automatically be included

ICESPIKE™, your new best friends in treacherous conditions, can be best installed on any footwear with rubber soles. New or gently worn shoes may be used. 

An average runner can get up to 500 miles out of a complete set of ICESPIKE™. This will vary depending on terrain conditions and distance on dry roads. Extreme and ultra runners may get less, while trail runners, hikers and walkers will get more.

Each Deluxe Icespike package includes: 32 patented spikes plus one precision ICESPIKE™ tool. Each adult sized shoe should be fitted with12 spikes. 8 additional spikes have been included, as replacements for 4 heel spikes. Heel spikes with normal use tend to wear faster than the front spikes.


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